Manufacturing specifications for all our products including available types of sign backing boards, banner PVC sheeting, wide range of Vinyls, Galvanised frames, types of inks used, Magnetic Sheeting plus UV and scratch Protection Overlam


abs-sheetsSimilar to Perspex, but softer and considerably cheaper. This product is lightweight, versatile and
user friendly. ABS can be bent, heated and cut to shape. It’s often used for safety signs and directional signs.

Will last for 6 months to a year in the open / DOES start go brittle and yellow with age.
Available in .9mm – 3mm thicknesses
Available in a range of basic colours – yellow/red/green/blue/white

correx-boardsCorrex advertising boards are the best option for low budget advertising. Made from polypropylene, this lightweight fluted waterproof sheet can be used for many applications including lamp post signs, sale signs, estate agent signs and in fact can be used for any occasion that requires a low budget, short life advertising board.

Will last for 6 months to a year in the open / DOES start to rot and yellow with age.
Available in 3mm thickness
Available in a range of basic colours – yellow/red/green/blue/white

komatex-forex-boardsM-FOAM/FOREX/KOMATEX is a lightweight closed-cell, free foam, rigid PVC sheet. It is homogeneously coloured with a matte finish that is tough and versatile enough for many of today’s applications.

Due to their weathering resistance, Komatex sheets in white can be used for outdoor applications. They are particularly suitable for the advertising industry-for signs, displays and exhibition stands.

It can be sawed, drilled, bent and fabricated using ordinary (plastic) tools and fasteners and is manufactured to be used for interior and exterior applications.

It is the preferred PVC sheet for uses requiring the following characteristics:

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Moisture resistance, very low water absorption (will not rot)
  • Low flammability (UL-94 VO flame rating), perfect for tradeshow and exhibit hall use
  • Thermal and sound insulation (absorbs vibrations and oscillations)
  • Approved for use where food is processed or sold
  • Similar surface finish on both sides of the sheet
  • Matte surface: ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyls
  • Ease of fabrication with ordinary plastics hand tools
  • Easily bonded to similar material and many other materials.Will last for 10 years+ in the open / does NOT go brittle, rot or go yellow with age.
    Comes in various thicknesses from 2-10mm and
    Available only in White.

perspex-boardsPerspex White, Opal and Coloured sheets are the premier choice for big brand back-lit signage to retail POP and POS displays. Perspex can diffuse, transmit, reflect and refract light to create outstanding results.

Perspex is designed to offer the best solutions for creative light management. Wide range of applications and superb technical performance properties. Exceptional clarity, superb fabrication, chemical resistance properties, easy cleaning and and outstanding weathering – an outstanding combination found in few other materials or plastics.

Can also be used as an attractive backing board for non illuminated or backlit signage if required.

Applications include :
Light Box Fronts
Attendance boards
Office door name signs

Will last for 3-5 years+ in the open / DOES go brittle & white boards will yellow with age.
Comes in various thicknesses from 2-8mm and
Available in a wide range of colours.

Plexiglas is a transparent thermoplastic often used in sheet form as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass.  Comes in various thicknesses and colours.  30 Year Guarantee – no yellowing.  Perfect for Standoff Signs, Door name signs etc.

Chromadek is an expoxy coated galvanised steel sheeting which is pre-painted and baked, resulting in a flat, durable, vinyl receptive surface. Because of it’s mill-painted finish and UV resistant properties, chromadek is the preferred rigid substrate amongst sign-makers for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Ideal for outdoor signage.  Big sheets, preferably rivited to a galvanised steel frame for easier installation.

Will last for 10 years+ in the open / does NOT rust, go brittle or yellow with age.

Available in thicknesses from 0.6 to 0.8mm.

Only available in standard colours.


3000 x 1225mm (.8mm)
2450 x 1225mm (.8mm)
1225 x 1225mm (.6mm)
3000 x 925mm (.6mm)
2450 x 925mm (.6mm)
1850 x 925mm (.6mm)
3000 x 610mm (.6mm)
2450 x 610mm (.6mm)
1225 x 610mm (.6mm)

OPTIONAL EXTRA :  FRAMES & POLES – see Frames & Poles section

NOTE :  We highly recommend the use of a frame for all cromadek signs as the cromadek is very heavy, wobbly and has sharp edges that could cause serious damage &/or injury if it falls or blows off if installed without a frame.


pvc-bannersA pure white 440gsm sheet, which is digitally printable for indoor and outdoor signage. Especially suited for full colour graphics with typical end uses like banner, billboard and other promotional applications. Tear resistant.

Applications include :
Digitally printed Flat Banners (supplied with eyelets and ropes)

Will last for 6 months to a year in the open / DOES start to crack and yellow with age.
Available in white only.


vinyl-materialsA soft seamless cadmium free calendared 50 to 75mic thick PVC film.  The film is provided with a permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic solvent based acrylic adhesive with a high resistance against UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity.  The adhesive is protected by a high quality 130gsm PE coated silicone paper.

Applications include :
Indoor and outdoor applications including sign boards / vehicle decals.
1-3 year BUDGET vinyls – suitable for short life projects ie. food or product labels
3-5 year STANDARD vinyls – suitable for most standard signage projects
5-7 year QUALITY vinyls – suitable for vehicle decals
7-10 year HI QUALITY vinyls – suitable for Aviation / Boat decals
Vinyl prices will differ depending on the type of vinyl you need ie. Budget vinyl is the cheapest / 7-10 year vinyl is the most expensive.

Available in a wide range of shades and colours including clear with a gloss or matt finish.
Matt Silver & Matt Gold as well as Frosted vinyls also available.

contravision-vinylContravision also known as one way vision, is a perforated vinyl used on windows and vehicle rear windows. It can be described as see-through graphic signs, transparent graphic signs or vision control materials. Contravision has a design or colour print on one side that is not visible from the other side, which typically provides a clear, tinted view through the panel ie. Contra vision vinyl allows you to have a clear view outside from the inside whilst only images printed onto the contravision can be viewed from the outside.


  • An opportunity to apply signage to a window without obscuring the view of those inside
  • Wherever Contra Vision is applied, the retailer and customers maintain a clear view out and
    daylight in, while the interior also benefits from solar shading
  • Contra Vision eliminates “window clutter” overcoming conventional solid graphics
  • Contra Vision can be digitally printed
  • Contra Vision on windows provides additional security for those inside who can see what is
    happening outside while those outside see only the signage on the windows
  • Contra Vision signage applied to a window will prevent a brick from being thrown through the
  • Reduction of solar heat gain, glare, UV radiation
  • Safety of being able to see through glass doors, partitions, etc.


  • Contra Vision, in full sun ie. on back vehicle windscreens, only allows 6 months to a year UV
    on digital inks before they start to fade away
  • Back windscreen wipers will need to be deactivated as it will scratch the print and damage
    the wiper blade.

Optional extra :
To extend the UV life to 1-3yrs, we can laminate this vinyl with a clear coat UV/Scratch protection film
however this does blur the view from the inside.

wall-vinylThe perfect solution for INDOOR WALL graphic applications.  Adheres perfectly onto painted/plastered walls and is digitally printable and can be cut to any shape.


  • FILM – 80 micron MATT white vinyl
  • COLOUR – White MATT & a range of standard Colours (clear vinyl not currently available)
  • SIZE – Available in 610mm or 1220mm wide
  • ADHESIVE – High Tack, permanent, clear, acrylic based
  • INDOOR LIFE – 1-2 years (unprinted)
  • INKS – UV life on inks printed onto this  vinyl is 1-2 yrs

Sandblast or Frosted vinyl can be supplied in sheets or cut to shape ie. Cut Text & Logo or reverse cut Text & Logo or any pattern ie. waves, stripes etc. which can be applied to most glass surfaces. This vinyl is printable and the inks are opaque (not solid) so the inks will not block the light from travelling through the vinyl. NOTE that Sandblast vinyl once applied to the glass will BLOCK the view ie. it is not see through.

Sandblast vinyl does come in plain frosted as well as patterned frosted per examples shown here.

NOTE: Frosted vinyl when first installed does have slight bubbles and blemishes that will fade within a month.

Printed or Cut and Press onto clients supplied Tshirts.
Various Vinyl colours and textures available per swatch.


galvanised-frameMade up of 25mm square tube welded together to form a frame and Hot Dipped Galvanised. Ideal for Cromadek Sign boards. Each frame comes with 4 lugs with holes drilled out for easy installation

Hot-dip galvanising provides the ideal corrosion protection for steel. In suitable applications, no other protective coating matches the unique combination of low initial cost, durability, predictable performance, low maintenance and resistance to impact and mechanical damage offered by galvanising.
Hot dip galvanising is one of the most complete corrosion protection systems. It is a reliable, effective and economical process.


eco-sol-max-inksWe use ECO-SOL MAX inks that feature several enhancements including faster drying time, higher density, wider color gamut, improved scratch resistance, lower cost per square foot, and broader uncoated media support.

  • Quick drying time for improved production speed
  • Improved scratch resistance for increased durability and easy handling
  • Wider color gamut for reds, blues and greens
  • Virtually odorless and user-friendly
  • Aggressively adheres to a broad range of affordable media including Roland’s complete line of uncoated and coated media
  • Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination

PRINT ON CLEAR VINYL – Our digital inks are OPAQUE (not solid) and only dark colours like black work when printed onto clear vinyl. Lighter colours do not show up unless the sticker is applied to a light or white coloured background. If you can advise what colours you are wanting to use we will be able to advise accordingly. WE can also make up a pre pro sample for you to see before proceeding with the final print so you can check that the sticker is going to work on the required application.


magnetic-sheeting-rollVehicle Magnetic 0.8mm

If you don’t want to have graphics permanently applied to your vehicle, a magnetic sign is the way to go. These signs can be applied directly to the door of your car, van, truck or any metal surface. They can even be cut to fit many different designs and shapes.   Magnetic decals are made up as follows :

Full colour digital printed 5-7 year vinyl, covered with clear uv/scratch protection film, applied to magnetic sheeting and cut to shape/size.

Be aware that Magnetic sheeting does come in thinner (0.65mm) sheets but these are not suitable for use on vehicles.


print-protectionA Clear PVC film with a permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic solvent based adhesive with a high resistance against UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity. Used for Lamination over digitally printed vinyls. Extends the UV life of the ink from 3 years to 5 years and protects print from scratches & wear and tear especially on printed vehicle decals where regular washing will fade & scratch the print without this lamination.

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DIY Installation

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  • Vinyl will not stick to any surface that has loose fibres or dust/dirt ie, cardboard, fabric.
  • Re sprayed/painted surfaces need at least a MONTH to cure before applying stickers/decals

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  • are lifting or have bubbles or any other problems due to incorrect DIY installation by client as well as incorrect surface type &/or surface preparation

If Installation is Required

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